KOLLEKTIV BETON consists of the artists Nathalie Kamber and Rebekka Friedli. Together we realise films and audiovisual installations.

Our work focuses on phenomena that tend to elude everyday perception; we explore the possibilities of taking a second look at things and seeing them in a different light.

In doing so, we acquire new methods, adopt unusual perspectives, highlight details, use materials detached from their purpose, break rules and conventions. The joy of trying things out and our curiosity for new formats drive the development of our projects. The alternated perspectives enable new perceptions of spaces that we want to share with others.

Our collaboration thrives on intersections and contrasts: We meet in a common vision and attitude and complement each other in our very different skills. In order to be able to implement independent projects we founded the association KOLLEKTIV BETON in 2019. For our artistic projects we work together with other young professionals from the creative industry who enjoy trying out new ways of working, methods and processes and who see interdisciplinary exchange as an enrichment. The association forms the foundation for these creative escapades, a foundation as solid as concrete.