SKIES is a a rushing flow of images and sounds, with no beginning or end. The walk-in video installation directs the viewer’s gaze towards what is hidden behind the usual, the obvious, the unambiguous.
From the low angle perspective we explore the nature of things - the surface of an eye, the weight of a container, the pulsating movement of a jellyfish. Through the shift in perspective, through magnification, reduction, acceleration and deceleration, familiar surroundings seem like distant galaxies, the concrete becomes abstract.

Some images are clearly identifiable while others cannot be classified or recognised as anything specific. In this state of uncertainty, the sound and images we perceive momentarily stand alone, having an impact on us before they are understood or located. We have the time to behold and to explore what is projected on the screen.

The 30-minute video loop has a cyclical narrative. In the interaction of tension and release, of densification and dissolution, SKIES unfolds from image to image. Transitions become transformations, one shot flows into the next, always accompanied by the new and unexpected. The unknown has yet to be discovered. Enhancing this visual experience, an atmospheric soundtrack unfolds with real life sounds and original musical compositions over sixteen channels – resulting in a three-dimensional acoustic space.

SKIES is a continuation of the video installation MIT DEM BLICK NACH OBEN (2016).

SKIES 2022

video installation
30min, loop
1:1 round
colour, digital, 4K
16-channel audio
8 x 8 x 4m construction

a project by Kollektiv Beton
editing - Aurora Vögeli
music - Rahel Zimmermann
sound design - Gina Keller
color grading - Patrischa Freuler
construction - Nino Stauffer

supported by:
Zürcher Filmstiftung
Migros Kulturprozent
Volkart Stiftung
Ernst Göhner Stiftung
Minerva Kunststiftung
Swiss Films

BaseCamp PopUp by Locarno Film Festival, 2022, Locarno

58. Solothurner Filmtage,
2023, Solothurn

SKIES - TEASER by Kollektiv Beton (Rebekka Friedli & Nathalie Kamber) from Kollektiv Beton on Vimeo.


NO DANCING AT NIGHT follows the urge to move and a longing to dance the night away. The unfulfilled act of feeling a rhythm together, diving into the music and being carried away.
With the second wave of Covid in 2020, the absence of physical and metaphysical spaces became noticeable. We felt a longing for places of encounter and movement, dancing along to a rhythm together with others. Spaces in which a sphere of moving bodies emerges, detached from everyday conventions and constraints. Spaces that are no longer accessible due to the current situation, that can no longer be experienced.

The short film expresses the impossibility of creating such a place on one‘s own. The wish remains unfulfilled, the dancer stays alone with herself. Even in the daydream, the absence of others persists.


short film, fiction
colour, FullHD, cinemascope
stereo 2.0

a project by Kollektiv Beton

cast - Alina Vimbai Strähler
gimbal operator - Jonas Jäggi
sound & sounddesign - Nadine Häusler
music - Geplantes Nichtstun
sound mixing - Dan Do Pompolot

co-production - Turnus Film, Frédéric Gonseth Productions, Cinédokké, SRG SSR, SRF, RTS RSI

InShawdow Festival, 2021, Lisbon Kunstmuseum Olten, 2022, Olten


In the interactive sound installation ARURA, visitors encounter the various facets of the river Aare and the water that flows in it.
The installation is located in a small building on the banks of the Aare in the middle of Bern‘s public space. The building contains four changing rooms that are used by swimmers and that become open sound spaces in ARURA. When visitors enter the cubicles, sensors trigger various sound tracks that play aspects of the river in random order. At the same time, caustics, rays of light refracted on the water surface, flicker on the walls of the cabins.

The name ARURA refers to the oldest surviving designation of the river Aare from late Roman times. The work was conceived and realised in 2020 as part of JETZT KUNST N°9.

ARURA, 2020

interactive sound installation
4-channel audio, mono
4 cabins with sensors, LED-panels, lightbulbs, frames filled with water

a project by Kollektiv Beton
and Thomas Baumann

technical support - Thomas Ulvøen

Jetzt Kunst N°9, 2020, Bern

supported by:
Burgergemeinde Bern
Swisslos Kultur Kanton Bern


The video installation UP THERE is a twenty-minute loop that literally changes your perspective and explores the audiovisual possibilities of looking up. The video is projected from below onto a horizontal screen and experienced while lying down.
The camera position shows the world from below through an extreme low angle. By looking upwards, the visitors dive into underwater worlds and return to the surface of the water, into a new world that unfolds above their heads. The diving in and out of the water divides the film into individual scenes that tell different moods and stories. The visual worlds are accompanied by a sound composition by the artist Thomas Kuratli, who interweaves noises and musical sounds.

UP THERE, 2016

video installation 23min, loop
colour, FullHD, 16:9
stereo 2.0

size variable

a project by Kollektiv Beton
music & sounddesign - Thomas Kuratli

Neubad Luzern, 2016, Luzern Projektraum M54, 2017, Basel Gässli Filmfestival, 2018, Basel Jetzt Kunst N°6, 2018, Zürich

supported by:
Ernst Göhner Stiftung
Casimir Eigensatz Stiftung
GGL Stadt Luzern
Stadt Wädenswil